The efficient and safe solution
for the hygienic swing lock


Swing top bottle closer in a space-saving linear design

With CLIP’N’CLOSE linear design and patented contactless clip alignment, we are pursuing a new, cost-efficient path in product safety for swing top bottles. On the one hand, the space-saving linear design offers simple integration into existing filling lines, and on the other, the contactless clip positioning, with no touching of the rubber seal, ensures the greatest degree of safety in terms of hygiene, from bottle alignment right up to the fill head.


Container separation in the machine infeed
Precise bottle separation at the machine infeed takes place using a motorised, light barrier-controlled star wheel.

Servo drive
The servo drives provide exact rotation according to a specified, determined rotation angle and transport the containers through the belt station carefully and quietly.

Container positioning
Special conveyor belts with servo drives ensure that the containers are positioned exactly and carefully transported through the machine.

Additional camera-assisted container positioning
In order to position the containers exactly, the position of the rubber seal is determined in the infeed and the bottle is rotated by up to 180 ° using servo drives.

Contactless clip positioning
The tongue is lifted contactlessly and hygienically using a magnetic coil and placed carefully on top of the container.

Swing top closure monitoring station
The sensor-based closure monitor that is integrated in the Clip n‘ Close ensures that bottles which are not properly closed are ejected.

Swing top closing station
The closing procedure takes places using an electrical closing die. The force that is required to close the clip is used to back-calculate the closure force and therefore whether the bottle has been properly closed.

Machine head height adjustment
Motorised height adjustment for different container heights via a precision counter for any bottle or container size.

Switch cabinet/controller
EPLAN and switch cabinet construction take place in-house. These are individually designed, assembled, wired and tested in accordance with VDE.

Reject bottle ejection
Reject bottles are carefully ejected from the production process by a KS pusher or KS linear ejector in accordance with requirements.

Control panel
The touch screen integrated in the machine head has a self-explanatory user interface with product preselection and a vision and traceability function.