Camera-based autonomous
fill level and cap check

Camera-based autonomous fill level and cap check

This checking station for fill level and cap seating after the filler and capper is specially designed for retrofitting into existing bottling plants for disposable and reusable bottles. Compact and easy to  install and integrate into the control system, it is the reliable and economical alternative to other much more elaborate systems.
The fill level and cap control checks on the presence of caps and on any unwanted inclined seating; also optionally available is the press-in depth of natural and synthetic cork caps and thread roll-in depth of screw tops.

Technical features and details

  • Ultra-modern, effective CMOS camera and a long-serving LED lighting technology
  • Integrated, future-proof network interface (Industrial, Ethernet, TCP/IP)
  • Requires little space
  • System integration including belt control from the washer to the filler
  • Straightforward menu-controlled operation of the touch screen
  • Sorter pre-selection and traceability function
  • Internet remote-service connection

    Modular set-up
    An optimum, innovative machine construction suitable for daily operations - that is the way to best describe KS-CONTROL inspection machines. The standardisation of our systems brings about many benefits: efficiency, quality, short delivery times and an attractive price/performance ratio. This compact control station provides an example of the benefits of our production machines. As the plant is modularly designed it is easily and rapidly installed and can be integrated into the plant control system. Another plus is that it can be extended to reflect customer needs.

    Intuitive operating
    The user-friendly touch screen which can be flexibly integrated at the machine and with a self-explanatory user surface, unlimited sorter pre-selection and a vision and traceability function even makes it possible for untrained personnel to be quickly familiarised with the operating and evaluating functions. Given that no interchange parts are needed when switching over to other bottle and container types, the sorter can be changed in just a few minutes.

    Remote service
    Our remote services provide our customers with a rapid remote diagnosis with every access to the inspection parameters. In this way, machine settings can be optimized, if required. Our specialized service personnel is also there at all times to provide you with rapid and direct assistance on fault rectification questions. All steps are shown live on the display screen.