Functional faulty bottle ejection
systems for every power range

Faulty bottle ejection system

Linear ejector or pusher - both provide for single-variety, trouble-free filling operations

For reliable and efficient ejection of incorrectly filled or empty bottles during plant operation on parallel belts, we provide the food and beverage industry - depending on the type of container and pant requirements - with robust and practice-proven proprietary products.  They feature extremely low energy consumption and reliable functioning under continuous operations.

Pneumatic KS linear ejector
Thanks to its compact design, the multi-segment faulty bottle diverting system of the KS empty bottle and swing-top inspectors can be easily integrated into existing plants. Pneumatic operation of the expelling segments can be finely dosed and this ensures a gentle and fail-safe push-over onto single or multi-path parallel belts.

Performance: Up to 25,000 containers/hr

Pneumatic KS pusher
This robust, compact single segment ejector dependably removes both full and empty faulty bottles from the production flow. The application determines whether ejection is undertaken into a storage container or onto parallel belts.

Performance: Up to 50,000 containers/hr