Swing-top bottle full inspection

The patented, raised clip position without any contact to the sealing surfaces at the bottle and cap ensures a 100% hygienic inspection of the swing-top.

Bottle separation
A motor-driven, light-barrier controlled star wheel ensures an optimum and exact form of bottle separation at the inlet.

Servo drive
For exact container alignment based on specific container features, such as embossing etc., the bottles are aligned in a camera and servo-controlled belt station.

Machine head
Simple, motor-driven height adjustability from a precision counter for every bottle and container size.

Detection systems
Deployed here are the latest high-resolution CMOS cameras with gigabit/Ethernet USB 3.0 interfaces. They create an optimum detection with a band width in excess of 100 Mbyte/s and an 8 bit colour depth.

Image processing 
The tailored hardware and software of the machine-internal, fanless compact industrial PCs ensure a maximum quality of detection.

Inspection stations
The mouth, side wall, base and residual liquid inspection stations installed in the machine head are flexibly adapted to requirements and are activatable and disengageable.

360° side wall inspection
A special Fresnel lens station at the bottle inlet and outlet with telecentric parallel inspection. 90° rotation in the belt station provides overlapping 360° all-round side wall detection. 

Base inspection
An anti-reflection/shadow bottom-up is used for an all-over base
inspection. This permits low-density foreign matter, such as foils and glass splinters, to be detected.

Thread detection
The XPlorer² thread detector examines screw tops over the entire thread geometry, whether there is only one thread or several. Various mirrors are used to process the thread pitches and to examine any critical signs of wear or damage.

Sealing surface and mouth inspection
The entire mouth is imaged and analysed as to faults. Nicks, flaking, damage, stress cracks, rust stains and deposits are automatically registered.

Faulty bottle ejection
The specification determines whether a KS pusher or a KS linear ejector gently ejects faulty bottles out of the production process.

Control panel
The touch screen has a self-explanatory user interface, an unlimited sorter pre-selection and a vision/traceability function. It can be flexibly installed at the machine inlet or outlet.